Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy explains what cookies are and how we use them at You should read this policy to understand what cookies are, how we use them, the types of cookies we use, i.e. the information we collect using cookies and how this information is used and how to control your cookie preferences.

What are cookies?

“Cookie” is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you view it. This way the website can remember the user’s activities and preferences (such as username, language, font size and other options) for a longer time. This way, the user does not have to enter the same information every time they return to my site or navigate from one page to another.

How are cookies used?

Some pages use cookies to remember:

    • what are your display preferences, e.g. color contrast settings or font size,
    • whether the user has consented to the use of cookies by the website.

Some video files on the website also use cookies to collect anonymous statistics on how the internet user got to the website and which videos were played. < / span>

Activating cookies is not necessary for the website to function, it only makes it easier for users to browse its content. Cookies can be removed or blocked, but in this case some elements of this website may not function properly.

The cookie-related information is not used to identify you personally, and preference data is strictly controlled. Cookies are not used for any purpose other than those described on this page.

What types of cookies are used?

Necessary: ​​Some cookies are essential for you to take full advantage of this website. They allow you to maintain user sessions and prevent security breaches. They do not collect or store any personal information.

Statistics: These cookies store information